Light and Peace Haiti

The Light & Peace Mission churches were established in Haiti over forty years ago by St. Ange Lefranc. His son Pastor Ronald Lefranc continues his father’s ministry to the many Light & Peace Mission churches in the cities and mountain villages of Haiti. The Light & Peace Mission is well-known and respected in the Port-au-Prince area and in churches all over Haiti.

There are 50 churches in the Light & Peace Mission, as well as many Light & Peace Christian Schools, My Father’s House Orphanage, and other programs such as the Widows Care Program and the Micro Loan Program.

The last weekend of January, all 50 of the Light & Peace Mission churches send representatives and choirs to the Annual Convention held at the Bon Repos church. For three days, pastors preach, teachers teach, choirs sing, and the people rejoice together as one Mission family from all the various parts of Haiti.

The Burkett Family Foundation and The Flyfisher Group have been encouraging and supporting this congregation for almost 15 years.

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