Investment Philosophy

Investing is not just a sport, but an art form that requires a unique set of skills and experience to truly master. As with fly fishing, possessing experience and strategic vision are critical to being a successful investor and entrepreneur. This is a set of skills that Matthew Burkett has undeniably mastered both in and out of the water. His experience actively pursuing fish as a professional angler uniquely articulates his investment model, which is focused on identifying, acquiring and growing emerging businesses and underutilized assets. The release or liquidity event continues the cycle allowing others to enjoy and profit from the improved asset. Reading the Water | Actionable Vision As with fly fishing, in order to identify an opportunity worth pursuing you read and understand the environment. With each potential investment, Matthew carefully observes the asset and the market conditions to understand and define what creates a favorable and actionable environment for investing. Active Pursuit For Matthew, there is no such thing as passive pursuit in fly fishing, nor investing. The pursuit is always active and intentional. Once the environment is understood and sights are set on an opportunity, Matthew establishes a actionable vision and plan by which to land the opportunity. Patient Ambition Growing strong, operationally sound assets is made more successful through Matthew’s patient ambition. This tactic is a learned, strategic mix of understanding and experience with active enthusiasm for the job at hand – resulting in controlled growth, sustainable cash flow and the opportunity for liquid events.

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<span>"Action is the foundational key to success." <br><br><b>Pablo Picasso</b></span><span></span>
<span>"The earth has music for those who listen." <br><br><b>William Shakespeare</b></span><span></span>