Burkett Family Foundation

Promoting Christ, diversity, self-sufficiency, hard-work and entrepreneurship in Front Range communities since 2000. The Burkett Family Foundation makes philanthropic investments that contribute to the quality of life in Denver and its surrounding communities. By the end of 2015, the Foundation will have invested more than $1.5M towards these ends. In carrying out its mission, the Foundation strives to maintain a long-term perspective and focus on the challenges and opportunities that will have the greatest impact over time. Values: The legacy of the Burkett family in Denver is shaped by certain core values: Christ is King, all people have value, family is important, self-reliance is essential, hard-work is expected, results are rewarded and an entrepreneurial spirit can change the world. The Burkett Family Foundation will continue to embrace these values and reflect the following attributes: • Strategic – impact and leverage • Accountable – measurable in the near and long term • Innovative – new ideas for old challenges • Agile – real time change management • Relationship Focused – aligned, supportive, and respectful • Results Driven – achieves established measurable goals • Self-Managed – personal leadership and impact How we work: Traditionally, the Burkett Family Foundation primarily made capital grants. Recently the Foundation expanded its donor directed program funding. Beginning in 2012, the Foundation moved to a hybrid model that combines grant making with Donor Directed Program Funding (DDPF) and Mission-Related Portfolio Investments (MRPI) within its investment portfolio as vehicles for increasing its near term impact. DDPF is intended to specifically measure program success and community impact. MRPI includes various forms of low-interest micro-loans and recyclable investments designed to provide less than market returns on capital.

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